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West Bradford Golf Club exists to provide its members, guests and visitors with a quality golfing experience within a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.We will achieve this by constantly developing the quality of the course, the clubhouse and its related facilities and making those facilities available to casual players and the local community.

We will strive to maintain a sustainable income by encouraging more people to become playing members and by utilising all profits to improve and upgrade the facilities for members.

Our officials, staff and members will facilitate and promote a club environment that is welcoming, friendly and inclusive and that provides the social aspects necessary for all members to feel that they truly belong to West Bradford Golf Club. We will at all times treat members, employees and visitors fairly and equally.

We have adopted the England Golf Union’s Generic Equity Statement and the English Golf Union / English Women’s Golf Association Equity and Equal Opportunities Policy. By adopting these policies the club agrees to:

  • Support the principle and practice of equity, equality and equality of opportunity.
  • Challenge discrimination that is indirect, direct, intentional or unintentional .
  • Monitor and review club practices, procedures and regulations to ensure that equity aims are addressed within the business of the club.
  • Work with the English Golf Union and English Women’s Golf Association to ensure that  all people, irrespective of their age, gender, ability, social status, race, ethnic origin, religious belief, disability, or sexual preference have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in golf.

In the unlikely event you have a complaint, West Bradford Golf Club has an official complaints procedure broadly in line with EGU & EWGA policies. Please email the secretary for further details.