Tour the course, at West Bradford Golf Club

Take a picture tour of the Hawtree re-designed course at West Bradford Golf Club, which includes a description, and a guide on how best to play each hole by our resident PGA Professional.

Download a West Bradford Golf Club Scorecard by clicking here.

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Hole 1

The opening hole at West Bradford is a short uphill par 4 - 271 yards from the White Tees, 256 from the Yellow Tees.
The fairway has a sharp ridge running across the middle of it around 160 yards from the back of the White Tee box, it is also protected by two fairway bunkers a little bit further on, right and left, around the landing area.

A first shot that reaches over the ridge is considered a decent tee shot, leaving a simple second approach shot.
The green is protected by two deep bunkers right and left, the left hand bunker actually has steps going down into it which gives you an idea of the depth. The green is contoured and slopes back to front.

Pro's Tips for Hole 1

"Your tee shot is all important for this, the opening hole at West Bradford. Club selection from the tee should be carefully considered - the green is reachable for long hitters, but beware the green side bunkers. A safer route for hole 1 is a hybrid shot designed to land just before the green, followed by an accurate pitch on."

Hole 2

The second hole at West Bradford is a 311 yard Par 4 from both the White and the Yellow Tees. Players playing from the White Tees have a much trickier shot as the Tee box is positioned close to the boundary of the course, meaning anything hit right will be out of bounds - The hole in general favours a draw, away from out of bounds to the right. There is a fairway bunker on the left, at around 160 yards, that could trouble shorter hitters.

A good tee shot will leave you with a simple approach shot of around 100 yards from a flat fairway. The green slopes right to left and is protected by a bunker on the left hand side.

Pro's Tips for Hole 2

"Your second shot, the approach shot to the green, is where you will pick up or lose shots on hole 2. Keep right of centre to account for the natural slope of the green. Most importantly do not go long with your approach shot, a steep bank at the back of the green on the second will land you in the deep rough."

Hole 3

The third hole at West Bradford is a long Par 5 - 505 yards from the White Tees, 485 from the Yellow Tees. Your tee shot is a blind drive over the crest of a hill on to an undulating fairway which slopes from right to left and has a slight dogleg left. There is a water hazard to consider 100 yards short of the green that runs the length of the fairway.

The 3rd green is long and narrow, and slopes from front to back. It is protected by a bunker on the left hand side and a sharp ridge directly in front of it, formed by the natural topography of the course, from which the fairway drops steeply down.

Pro's Tips for Hole 3

"A long accurate drive is required from the 3rd tee in order to gain an advantage on this hole. Careful consideration is also needed for your second shot - you'll need to decide whether to play short or go for the green, considering the water hazard 100 yards short of it."

Hole 4 - "The Hawtree Holes"

The fourth hole at West Bradford is one of the two holes that were added as part of the Hawtree redesign. It is a short par 3, 168 yards from the White Tees, 160 yards from the Yellow Tees.

Tee shots will generally be hit into a prevailing westerly wind, on to a flat green protected by bunkers right and left. 

Pro's Tips for Hole 4

"Hole 4 is all about accuracy, with steep banking on the right and deep rough either side. Prefer leaving a shot short than risking going through the green, which falls away into deep rough behind."

Hole 5 - "The Hawtree Holes"

The second of the "Hawtree Holes", hole 5 is another short par 3, 158 yards long running parallel to hole 4. Bunkers protect the large, undulating, saucer shaped green right and left. 

Pro's Tips for Hole 5

"Another hole where accuracy off the tee is all important. There is nothing for shots to the left or to the right here, and a misjudged longer shot could be deadly, as a bank to the rear of the green falls away steeply into very deep rough. Club selection is key here as wind direction can totally change the distance that the hole plays at."

Hole 6

The sixth hole at West Bradford features a blind uphill tee shot, onto a narrow fairway that slopes from left to right. The large natural undulations in the fairway are a feature of hole 6. The second shot is also blind on this long par 5, measuring 517 yards from the White Tees and 492 yards from the Yellow Tees - the longest hole on the course.

The sixth green has bunkers left and right and slopes from left to right. It also features sharp banking both to the right and to the rear of this green.

Pro's Tips for Hole 6

"Keep to the left of the fairway both on your tee shot and on your approach shot to the green, due to the natural slope of both."