Hole 13

The 13th hole at West Bradford is a 343 yard Par 4 played from an elevated Tee. The 13th hole is a slight dogleg right, with a tree lined fairway. The fairway looks tighter from the tee box than it actually is, opening up after around 160 yards.
Your first clear sight of the green will be from around 200 yards. Shorter hitters can struggle on this hole, as their second shot can often be from a difficult down-slope position, sometimes without sight of the green.

Pro's Tips for Hole 13

"Your tee shot on Hole 13 is an important one, a shot landing on the left hand side of the fairway is vital in order to achieve a view of the green for your second shot. A good line to take from the tee is:- aim directly for the church spire that is visible on the horizon."
"A well judged approach shot is then required, as anything aimed towards the green that is either long or left is losing."

Hole 14 - "The Chella"

The 14th, known locally as "The Chella", a nod to the Chellow Dene Reservoir that sits just behind it, is the signature hole at West Bradford Golf Club. It is a 160 yard Par 3, from an elevated tee position, aiming at a plateau green below. Trees encroach from the left, leaving a very small target, on what is one of the more intimidating tee shots on the course. It's a hole that wouldn't look out of place on any Championship golf course anywhere in the world.

Chellow Dene Reservoir is just visible through the trees to the left of the green.

Pro's Tips for Hole 14

"Make no mistake, Hole 14 at West Bradford is a potential card-wrecker. Hit the ball left and you are lost. Long and you are in the trees behind. Fall short of the green and you are in the bunkers - and are left trying to hit out of the sand and on to the raised green above.

Therefore the key to this hole is in accurate club selection from the tee."

Hole 15

The 15th completes the second back to back set of Par 3's on the course, following the back to back "Hawtree Holes" - 4 & 5. Hole 15 is a 188 yard uphill Par 3, that generally plays longer than the yardage suggests.

Pro's Tips for Hole 15

"The best tip I can give you for playing Hole 15 at West Bradford is:- Better to be short of the flag than long. 15 is another fast green with a back to front slope, and as with Hole 10 - an uphill putt is preferred."

Hole 16

The 16th hole at West Bradford is a dogleg Par 4, measuring 423 yards from the White Tees and 383 yards from the Yellow Tees. The tee shot from the White Tees is from an elevated tee box.

The green on 16 is surrounded by three bunkers, two on the left and one to the right. There is also a slight back to front slope to the green

Pro's Tips for Hole 16

"My tip for hole 16 is:- Be brave! The ideal line for your tee shot is directly over the trees on the left hand side of the fairway - hit with a slight draw. Execute this shot well and you'll be left with a simple short iron shot to the green."
"Opting to play safe on this dogleg will leave you with a much more difficult uphill Hybrid approach shot - or worse still - no sight of the green for your 2nd shot!"

Hole 17

The 17th hole at West Bradford is the third and final Par 5 hole on the course. It is the shortest Par 5, at 476 yards from the White Tees and 470 yards from the Yellow Tees. Your tee shot is hit from an elevated position down on to the wide fairway below. There is a lateral water hazard to the left of the fairway - but it is out of range for your tee shot. Your second shot on 17 will be uphill towards the green - which is out of reach in 2 for the majority of club players.

The green is protected by a green-side bunker on the left. The green sloped from front to back on 17, and downhill putts can be tricky.

Pro's Tips for Hole 17

"Hole 17 at West Bradford is a difficult hole for slicers of the ball. Your tee shot needs to land to the left of the fairway to leave you in a good position going forward."
"The best tip I can offer players for hole 17 is to think carefully about going for the green with your second shot, rather leave yourself with a relatively short 3rd shot. A par 5 is a good score on 17, don't be tempted to save a shot on this hole."

Hole 18

The final hole at West Bradford is a 330 yard Par 4, slight dogleg right. The fairway on 18 slopes left to right, and is heavily contoured on the right hand side. A fairway bunker sits on the right of the landing zone, around 210 yards from the tee, this cleverly positioned bunker is fed from the sloping fairway around it.

Your approach shot is aimed at a small target green, tightened up further by the greenside bunker on the right.

Pro's Tips for Hole 18

"A good tip for Hole 18 is to keep your tee shot to the left hand side of the fairway. The fairway on the 18th has many more contours on the right hand side than it does on the left, and a ball hitting the left hand side will tend to gain far more yardage as it runs on further. A good spot to aim for are the rhododendrons in the distance, to the left of the green. "