The Clubhouse Poker Night

Here WBGC Members can view the league table, results and future fixtures for our Clubhouse Poker nights.

Overall League Table 2021/22

Place Name Points
1st Stevie Gallagher 22 points
2nd  Steve Carass 21 points
3rd (Joint) Lee Innis 15 points
3rd (Joint) Alex Green 15 points
3rd (Joint) Scott Townsend 15 points
4th Richard Buck 14 points
5th Peter Jackson 13 points
6th Andrew Cockcroft 12 points
7th Josh Nixon 10 points
8th (Joint) John Dickens 8 points
8th (Joint) Antony Green 8 points
9th Tom Llewellyn 7 points
10th (Joint) Richard King 5 points
10th (Joint) Paul Thomas 5 points
10th (Joint) Dillon Silson 5 points
11th (Joint) Glen Burridge 4 points
11th (Joint) Gary Birch 4 points
11th (Joint) Tony Brook 4 points
11th (Joint) Paddy Dempsey 4 points
12th Paddy Gavin 3 points
13th Richard Hardy 2 points
14th (Joint) Cole Chang 1 point
14th (Joint) Robert Leach 1 point

The Clubhouse Poker Night

The Clubhouse Poker Night is a Texas Hold'Em Tournament held at The Clubhouse at West Bradford on selected Friday nights
The Tournament buy-in is £10 per player
The tournament pays prize money to the top six players each week, alongside the knockout tournament, the top eight players will earn points that are entered into a 10 week Mini-League
Prize money will also be awarded to the top few places of the Clubhouse Poker Mini-League
Food is available in The Clubhouse on Poker Nights

Previous Results & Forthcoming Tournaments

Tournaments Played

Friday 26th November  -  24 Players

Friday 10th December  -  17 Players

Friday 14th January -  31 Players

Friday 25th February -  10 Players

Friday 15th April -  10 Players

Friday 26th August -  14 Players

Forthcoming Tournaments

Friday 28th October

Results from Friday 26th August 2022

Place Name Points
1st Steve Gallagher 6 points
2nd Dillon 5 points
3rd Steve Carass 4 points
4th Tony Brooke 3 points
Results from Friday 15th April 2022

Place Name Points
1st Scott Townsend 8 points
2nd Steve Carass 7 points
3rd Richard Buck 6 points
4th Alex Green 5 points
5th Lee Innis 4 points
6th Steve Gallagher 3 points
7th Andrew Cockroft 2 points
8th Robert 1 point
Results from Friday 25th February 2022

Place Name Points
1st Alex Green 8 points
2nd Andrew Cockcroft 7 points
3rd Peter Jackson 6 points
4th Steve Gallagher 5 points
5th Paddy Dempsey 4 points
6th Lee Innis 3 points
7th Spesh 2 points
8th Cole 1 point
Results from Friday 14th January 2022

Place Name Points
1st Lee Innis 8 points
2nd Antony Green 7 points
3rd Richard Buck 6 points
4th Paul Thomas 5 points
5th Gary Birch 4 points
6th Andrew Cockcroft 3 points
7th Alex Green 2 points
8th Tony Brook 1 point
Results from Friday 10th December 2021

Place Name Points
1st Steven Gallagher 8 points
2nd Tom Llewellyn 7 points
3rd Peter Jackson 6 points
4th Richard King 5 points
5th Steve Carass 4 points
6th John Dickens 3 points
7th Richard Hardy 2 points
8th Anthony (Liberal Club) 1 point
Friday 26th November 2021

Place Name Points
1st Josh Nixon 8 points
2nd Scott Townsend 7 points
3rd Steve Carass 6 points
4th John Dickens 5 points
5th Glen Burridge 4 points
6th Paddy Gavin 3 points
7th Richard Buck 2 points
8th Pete Jackson 1 point