The Order of Merit

Here WBGC Members can view the league table along with other details about The Order of Merit.

Order of Merit Table 2022

Updated - Monday 17th October 2022

Congratulations to the winner of The Order of Merit 2022 -

Mr Richard Ellis.

Place Name Points
1st Place  Richard John Ellis 31.00
2nd Place  Christopher John Musgrave 27.00
3rd Place (Joint) Patrick Dempsey 24.00
3rd Place (joint) Patrick Gavin 24.00
4th Place Dale Matthew Brook 16.00
5th Place Martin Nicholas Rothera 15.00
6th Place (Joint) Richard Wood 12.00
6th Place (Joint) Phil Cox 12.00
7th Place Stephen Joseph Gallagher 8.00
8th Place  Rob Picton 7.00
9th Place (Joint) James Craven 4.00
9th Place (Joint) Robert Harvey Leach 4.00
9th Place (Joint) Rory Mark Leach 4.00
9th Place (Joint) Richard Hardy 4.00
10th Place (Joint) Callum Chippendale 3.00
10th Place (Joint) Gary Cobb 3.00
10th Place (Joint) Martin Darren Duerden 3.00
10th Place (Joint) Phillip Moore 3.00
11th Place (Joint) David Hahn 2.00
11th Place (Joint) Richard Buck 2.00
11th Place (Joint) Michael Risdon 2.00
11th Place (Joint) Mat Bernhauser 2.00
12th Place (Joint) David Riches 1.00
12th Place (Joint) Chris Foster 1.00
13th Place (Joint) Christopher Roy Rodwell 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Milan Lukic 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Cole Chang 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Richard Gill 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Stephen Crawshaw 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Iain Pickles 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Tracy Shane Dad 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Jason M Bland 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Tony Brooke 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Martin Flanagan 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Christopher Mathew McLaren 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Timothy Hemingway 0.00
13th Place (Joint) James Crossland 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Gerry Pearson 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Joshua Rust 0.00
13th Place (Joint) Jonathan Hayton 0.00

The Order of Merit

Competition Format
Points are awarded for each Monthly Medal and Monthly Stableford throughout the course of the summer season.
The golfer with the lowest gross score in each monthly competition is awarded 5 points.
Four points for the second placed golfer down to 1 point for 5th place.
The winner of the Order of Merit is the golfer with the highest number of points at the end of October.