Following a meeting of the West Bradford Golf Club Members Committee, Club President Chris Rodwell would like to update visitors to West Bradford Golf Club with the following information:-

We would like to reassure all visitors that the committee is committed to keeping the club and its facilities open while ever possible, while adhering to the advice given by the government.

Our priority at all times, is the welfare of members, visitors and staff. The chief scientific officer has said today that the playing of golf is an allowable activity. “It is OK – if you keep a distance” Advice is to avoid handshakes, use elbow contact instead, leave the flag in, carry a hand sanitiser in your golf bag and wash your hands thoroughly when you leave the course. With that in mind please read carefully and adhere to the guidance below.


The course will remain open for the foreseeable future and we ask that you adhere to; -Wash hands before and after golf -Flags not to be removed from the hole. Putt with the flag in at all times. -Bunkers will be G.U.R. No rakes in the bunkers. -Avoid handshakes – use elbow contact.


The lounge bar will remain open, distancing is encouraged. -The 19th. area will be closed. -A smaller area of the bar shutters in the lounge will be opened as this will be easier to cleanse. -Sanitising dispensers will be available at entrances and exits in the lounge as will sanitising wipes and waste bins.


A revised programme of cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces, the bar, door handles and hand rails vigorously and more regular is in place.

Hand Washing

Staff have been instructed to wash their hands regularly and it is expected that members and visitors will do the same when entering the Club. This is in line with Government and NHS advice. Sanitizing wipes and bins will be available as will sanitising dispensers.

Changing Rooms

All towels have been removed. Please use electric hand dryers only. Should individuals wish to shower please bring your own towel.

It is very important that we all work together to follow the advice of experts to control the spread of Covic-19 infection. Be vigilant and follow the daily advice offered from our Government.

Chris Rodwell

Club President