Hello chaps , in these abnormal times of social distancing and the protocols involved , we as a section of the club will resume our summer cup competition this coming MONDAY 1ST JUNE . This season the usual 20 weeks has been reduced , but hopefully we will still be able to play 18 weeks . To do so , it will require co-operation from all involved . First , if you want to play in the monday comp. , you MUST INFORM ME BY MID'DAY THE FRIDAY BEFORE .This is so that a random draw can be made and Jamie can allocate your tee time and playing partner on the day , which you will then be able to see on the club web site . Do NOT just turn up , look out for your slot .   The first week ( 1st June ) , will not be a club qualifier so will be off yellow tee's , keep your card and inform Peter Leskovac of your score .After that , Monday 8th June , it will be a club qualifier off white tee's and score cards will be collected and go into the computer . Money usually collected and prizes paid will be accounted for at a later stage . Please keep looking at other media for any other potential changes , regards Andrew