Well , was it inevitable or just a bit of bad luck . We had a good run but in the end were just edged out in our first away game of the season at Cleckheaton on Thursday . We have the chance to , as their cpt. says ,  to 'twat em ' next week here and so we will . I must say their course was excellent and even though we lost 3 to 2 we did enjoy the day and hospitality on the sunny veranda . The scores were myself and Tim Winterburn lost 3 & 2 , Peter Mungovin and Wyn Parry won 2 up , Ray Hawley and Ian Peirson won 3 & 2 , Bob Helley and Mike Davies lost 5 & 4 ,  Mike Day and Colin Pitman lost 6 & 5 , good work lads . Moving on , other than Cleckheatons return game , the next important event is our 'Howay' day here at WB on Thursday 13th August . I am happy to see 30+ members have put their names down . A draw will be made very soon for the tee times and groups , we have 12 tee times from 9.20 till 11.10 . Our stewardess , Tony , has kindly agreed to provide our usual fare of coffee /tea bacon sandwich prior to tee off and pie , chips and peas etc .  afterwards , for £10 only , providing the recent new restrictions don't interfere . If we can't or don't want to go in the club house , lets hope the weather plays its part and we may enjoy social distancing on the patio , followed by prize giving and the obligatory speech's ( alans highlight !) . Last but by no least , we welcome back in to the fold Mr. Colin Hayhurst , good to have you back on board Colin and hope you enjoy your golf . Ok , thats it ,week 15 (10) on Monday  and lets hope that at least one member will be happy with the FA cup result , if City can beat Chelsea sure'ly Arsenal can ! . Keep safe , enjoy the week end , Andrew