The results of This Weekend's Summer Meeting Competitions: 

Saturday 24th June - 4BBB Centenary Trophy

Winners:     K. Bone & J. Hayton            43 pts (c/b)

 2nd Place:   G. Hallett & A. Windle         43 pts (c/b)

 3rd Place:   S. Brooke & R. Scott             43 pts (c/b)

 4th Place:   T. Kelly & A. Craven              42 pts

Sunday 23rd June - 3 Person Team Competition

Winners:     D, Farnell, P. Bentley & A. Gavin            Nett 129 

 2nd Place:   P. Brook, S. Major & B. Cornford           Nett 130

 3rd Place:   M. Lukic, P. Dempsey & R. King              Nett 130

 4th Place:   J. Bottomley, J. Spence & J. Pollard       Nett 134