The results of Saturday's Competition: The Captain's Trophy

Division 1

1st Place:   G. Hallett      H'cap 9, Nett 67
2nd Place:   J. Hayton    H'cap 10, Nett 68

Division 2

1st Place:   N. Thornton     H'cap 19, Nett 67
2nd Place:   C. Stabb    H'cap 16, Nett 67

Division 3

1st Place:   J. Curry     H'cap 31, Nett 60
2nd Place:   B. Cornford    H'cap 24, Nett 63

The Winner of The Captain's Trophy was Mr John Curry.

The results of Sunday's Competition: The Captain's Weekend 3-Person Team

1st Place:   M. Gration, I. Clark & M. Leach                      79 Points

2nd Place:   N. Farman, T. Hiley & S. Cox                      68 Points  

Congratulations to Mick Collier, who hit a hole-in-one on the 9th hole during the competition.