Welcome back every one. Even though I have have not been absent ,  my computer skills ( or lack of ) lead me to think I've been miles away on the Crew Dragon mission . Still , after coming back to earth with a few derogatory comments , all is well. Today was week 11 and penultimate week of our winter cup competition , the leader board indicates a very close finale in two weeks time with all to play for. Freya threatened to spoil our day today, but she should have known we are stout hearted lads , or may be we've nowt else to do on a monday!. Anyway the scores were competitive and the day was enjoyed by most , but there were a couple of notable nameless absentees fighting facial disfigurements!. In 4th place with 37 points on count back was Ray Hawley , in 3rd place with 38 points and back to form was Colin Hayhurst ,in 2nd place allso with 38 points but with a extraordinary count back which not only covered the back 9, the back 6 ,the back 3 and eventually hole 1 was Steve Crawshaw but in 1st place , outshining every  one was Mike Day with a magnificent score of 43 points , well done Mike .Next week is a team game and all being well all the yellow markers will be on grass . As most will have noticed , tees 11 and 16 are back to original positions . Please try to play any outstanding knock out games asap , it can be difficult for people who work but there are ways to accommodate every one .See you soon , and don't forget a bad day at golf is all ways better than a good day at work! , Andrew .