Our last friendly game at Keighley completed our summer matches and all so achieved our FIFTH double of the season , we only lost two games all summer . Well done to every one who took part and special thanks to the lads who were "press ganged" to play at the last minuet. Its been challenging this year to always get a team together , but in the end all places were filled . The results from Keighley were myself and Ian Peirson won 4 & 3 , Peter Bower and Colin Pitman won 2 & 1 , Peter Mungovin and Les Cooper won 1 up , Ian Lightbody and Peter Leskovac lost 5 & 4 and Bob Helley and John Goodyear halved , well done to all . Just got to mention this! , I thought it was only Colin who needed to get home early , how wrong , it seems that while some of our team were on fire Peter L got into some hot water in Keighleys very own swilcan burn . Some people loose keys , glasses or minds , but a golf trolley? , anyway it would seem only his reputation was dampened and he's ok. Moving on , Monday is week 18 of the summer comp and all to play for and on THURSDAY 12th its our team game with the ladies and we need more men to play , 16 are needed , then a draw can take place . Have a good week end I hope City can do a Wembley  on Northhampton , see you on Monday , Andrew.