Well at least we can play again even if its only in twos , which actually might not be a bad thing!. Obviously ,  this years calendar regarding friendly fixtures has been decimated which is a real shame but hopefully have next year to look forward  to and who knows we could still manage a game with another club much later on . This week end , Tony Fothergill is trying an idea so that competitive golf could resume and if that is the case we may be able to restart our own monday summer cup comp. even though we have lost 5 weeks already , the season could be extended or simply reduced , watch this space . Talking of competitions , the result of our 2019 / 20 winter league has finally been announced which is as follows and in true West Bradford tradition , in 5th place Mr Roy Baker (£10) in joint 3rd place Mr Richard Adams and Mr Alan Greenwood (£30 each) in 2nd place Mr Ian Peirson (£40) and in 1st place a very worthy winner Mr Peter Leskovac ( £50) , well done gentlemen and your winning vouchers are in the pro shop with Jamie . Continuing with competitions , you will have seen on face book or other media that this years winter KO comp. can resume and the remaining matches played at the competitors convenience . In addition and considering the current virus restrictions we should be able to have our summer KO competition , therefore please forward your name , however you can , so that a draw can take place . Keep safe and keep well , Andrew.