Even though the epidemic has disrupted most aspects of our lives a bit of normality was established today as we played our first friendly match of the year and basically carried on where we left off with an emphatic win against Northcliffe. The moist conditions did not dampen the appetite of our team and we look forward to the next 'victims' who will be Howley Hall here on Thursday 9th July. Mr Peirson assumes todays game was gratis , but as we all know , nothing is free especially at west bradford and £2 will go on the slate!. Any way he can afford it . There was just one unfortunate occurrence today when a member of Northcliffe had to retire due to back pain . We've all been there , lets hope he's ok . The scores today were myself and Peter Bower won 3&2 , Wyn Parry and Tim Winterburn won 5&4 , Ray Hawley and Ian Peirson lost 4&3 , Les Cooper and Steve Godfrey won 6&5 , Roy Baker and Mike Day won 8&6 , well done lads . Next week is a busy one with Mondays SCC , our Senior Open on Wednesday and the Howley Hall friendly on Thursday . Lets hope its good weather for all the games . Have a safe week end and hopefully see you all on Monday for some more shenanigans , Andrew