The last friendly home game of the season was played today with Keighley the visitors . I am pleased to announce that the bastion of West Bradford seniors held firm once again with a three to one win , with one match halved . Well done once again lads . Incidentally ,  we did not loose a home game  all last year or this year , quite an achievement . The results today were Les Cooper and myself won 3 & 1 , John Goodyear and Bob Helley won 1 up , Peter Mongovin and Roy Baker lost 1 down , Colin Pitman and Steve Godfrey halved , Wyn Parry and Mike Day won 5 & 3 Very well played boys . The next very important event here is on Thursday 17th September when the annual end of season Ladies V Gents or Ladies and Gents game takes place . I think it's the later . Either way it is always good fun , every one can relax and enjoy an appropriate finale . Please put your name on the list on the notice board . Next Monday , even though it's a bank holiday ( we're on hol all the time ! ) week 19 (14) SCC will go ahead as scheduled , still lots to play for .        We were all shocked and stunned this week to hear of the passing away of Terry Guest and Doug Ingham . Our thoughts and prayers are with their families at this sad time . Take care all .