Well , I'm not sure we deserved yesterdays defeat at Elland , it was complete reversal of theĀ  earlier home game . May be they put their A team out but either way we were well beaten , but we we did not lose every game . Reluctantly the results were myself and Alan Greenwood lost 3 & 2 , Roy Baker and Keith Sutcliffe lost 3 & 2 , Peter Mungovin and John Goodyear lost 3 & 1 , Simon Major and Peter Bower lost 5 & 4 , Eddie Presland and Bob Helley halved . We have a week or so off to lick our wounds before we play Shipley here on the 27th and they too will be out for blood after the game at beckfoot .My thanks go to Simon and Peter for standing in at the last moment for yesterdays game and hope that both Ian and Mike are soon out of hospital . Next Monday will be week 6 SCC . Have a safe week , cheers Andrew .